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Order By Kak Ariema

ola, dis N3 nak show some1 dat use to b my regular customer aite now.
Kak Ariema n her doter Nurin amani (pix) :)
B4 they receive their 1st order,
they place for second order base on their pattern.

1st order: the color shud b pink but we totally out of
color since move to Gerik. This place quite limited of
craft stuff..pity me :(
But thank God Nurin like it.

2nd order: Base on Kak Ariema pattern.

After they receive their order, they place for another
order. huhu.."murah rezeki"..thats ol i can say :)
Kak Ariema want me to make head band
for Nurin n her niece (9months)

tarra....headband wif adjustable flower.
so they can wear it wif or witout flower :)

And also a pencil case. 3 items with the same color n pattern
for nurin n her neighbour. Wat such a lovely mum she is.
n she also had a gift for me as for my graduation gift.
She so adorable aite? <3>

Last but not least, of coz there are special price for return customer.
so, want to place ur order? simply leave ur comment, email me or
text me for inquiry. i'll serve u the best... xoxo


ayu said...

cantiklah pencil case tu.cute sgtt :)

Anita Knitting said...

thanx ayu.. :)

fatin hanani said...

yg bju tu mmg jual ka???
cntik la

Anita Knitting said...

yup, semua items d cini utuk d jual. boleh tempah :)

fatin hanani said...

klu yg jenis warna biru tu berapa??

Anita Knitting said...

fatin :yg jenis warna biru tu kanak3 RM55, dewasa RM75 termasuk pos :)